A collage of MemoriesA friend from St. Mary’s asked for articles on our school days for a souvenir for a reunion. I agreed to write one. The problem was that the last time I wrote a non-technical article or essay was close to two decades ago. I asked my friends from St. Mary’s about their recollections; most were sadly unenthusiastic. I asked my wife what she would do if she were asked to write a similar article on her school. She said that she would write about memorable teachers. Not being particularly imaginative, that is what I decided to do.

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Suprakash Datta, Batch of 1985

My “Good Old Days” In School. My early memories of the school were that of a sprawling campus with big fields, a hospital-like building flanked by symmetrical rooms on either ends, long corridors, two big dormitories, a hall with a stage and a cinema screen on the wall, a chapel and a grotto of Virgin Mary.

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Shyamal Roy, Batch of 1967

My School Days. I was just about three when my parents sent me to a place that looked and felt like a cage. The idea of being locked, for what seemed like eons, made me the most difficult child in the neighbourhood. And no matter what toys my parents promised every morning, I
remained adamant.

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Sanjay Podder, Batch of 1991

THOUGHTS. It was just around 9 PM and I was gazing intently at the monitor, copying and pasting values from one cell to another in the excel sheet, when the phone buzzed. It was a Kolkata number!!

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Ananda Kishore, Batch of 1985

ANTI-MATTER. When I look back at the evening of December 3, 2006, I realize how I had the feel of boarding ‘Time-Past’. As if something queer and, simultaneously, worth relishing had taken me back to my initial daysin school, seen me safely through a repeat journey through those self-same classes, corridors, years andteachers’ hearts…all within minutes.

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Tuhin Sanyal, Batch of 1993

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