It was so nice to have a “Rainy Day” holiday… It felt so good to share our tiffin… How happier we were to get extended tiffin breaks… How sleepy we were in the Moral Science periods… How nice were the teachers who told stories… How big was my school…

Time takes away everything except memories. Our teachers have grown old, but the school stands strong still today. New faces have taken up the challenge, delivering values and education to thousands each year.

So, how much did I give back to my school? What can I do for my school from so far? Where are my friends, anyway? How are the teachers? How is the school?

Well, SMESA appreciates the sentiment of every ex-student. We undertake regular felicitation programmes for the teachers who taught you and the students preparing to face tomorrow. We are an association of 150 ex-students, growing everyday and we do our part for the school in spite of our hectic schedule. But in order to cater to the growing requirements of SMESA’s functionalities, we need funds. We admit, that we initiated SMESA from the emotional standpoint instead of resorting to commerce. However, today we feel our efforts and wide ranges of activities require more funding.

There is always more joy in giving than taking. We have taken a lot from our school, our teachers, our childhood. Now, its time to give.

We are waiting…



SMESA Bank details

Account name: Dum Dum St. Mary’s Ex Students Association

Account number: 1140659512

IFSC: CBIN0281182

Bank name: Central Bank of India, Ghughudanga Branch

If you donate or transfer your annual membership to the above mentioned Bank account, drop us an email to mentioning the transfer details.

Contributing members

Many members have helped SMESA for the last 20 years contributing in different ways. They have either contributed their precious time, their expertise and some even contributed money for a cause. Some of the names are mentioned below: